Seminar on the Effects of Increasing Population.

Bhakkar, today on 12th of February 2020 a seminar was organized at the Government Boys Degree College Mankara and Govt. Institute of Commerce, Mankara, under the District Population Welfare Department, Bhakkar for the students and professors of both the colleges on the subject of “Effects of increasing population”. Muhammad Ramzan Awan, Deputy District Population Welfare Officer, Bhakkar said that the rapidly growing population in Pakistan is a serious problem such as lack of medical facilities, residential facilities, environmental pollution, lawlessness and unrest etc. are increasing day by day. The population growth rate at this time is 2.4% If the population continues to grow at the same pace, after 30 years the population will double. Population has increased sixfold from creation of Pakistan to date. 45% of children in Pakistan suffer from malnutrition and 44% population is living below the poverty line. 45% population has no health facility. In average six people are living in a single room while 65% of the population lives in a one-room house. Pakistan ranks third in the world in severe water shortage. If the population continues to grow at the same pace, in the next twenty years, more than 85,000 schools and 120 million jobs will be needed, making it impossible for economically weaker country to create so many schools and provide jobs.
It is the responsibility of the state to provide people with education, employment, housing, health facilities and a better future and this is possible only if there is a balance between the population and the resources. Healthy family prosperous Pakistan is our destination and to achieve this destination we have to balance the population and resources. Teachers and students should raise public awareness of the growing population and the problems that arise. To deal with this problem, every individual of the society has to play a role in order to balance the population and resources, so that the country become socially and economically on the way of development. The colleges administration praised the District Population Welfare Department, Bhakkar for highlighting the importance of this national issue and conducting awareness seminars.

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